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The laboratory

Formerly a division of LCPC (Central Laboratory for Bridges and Highways), the SMC laboratory is a vital resource laboratory for the MAST department (Materials and Structures) within the Gustave Eiffel University on the subject of Civil Engineering Structures and Marine Renewable Energies. It has unique and remarkable national-level and international-level  resources and expertise.

Regarding Civil Engineering Structures, its expertise is recognized by the RST (Scientific and Technical Network) of the MTE (Ministry of Ecological Transition). The SMC laboratory has a central positioning on the subject of metallic and cable structures and is involved in most ongoing expert assessments on major French structures, often in collaboration with CEREMA.

Regarding Marine Renewable Energies, the laboratory's influence has increased in recent years and is now recognized by the MESRI (Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation) through its participation in the TGIR (Very Large Research Infrastructure) Theorem, shared with the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and IFREMER.

Certification testing activities on reinforcement bars and prestressing processes are carried out in conjunction with the AFCAB (French Association for Reinforcement Bar Certification for Concrete) and the ASQPE (Association for the Qualification of Prestressing and Equipment for Building and Civil Engineering Structures).